Discover How to Access the Hidden Power Within to Transform your Results…

So you can begin to enjoy the life you were meant to live!

To create a different outcome, it all begins in the mind.

– Mark Januszewski –


The Master Key Experience is a guided course with a step-by-step action plan to help you create the life you’ve always wanted – but didn’t know how to achieve. Enter your contact Information to get on the list now…

    Find your Bliss and the Courage to Live it

    Get one-on-one coaching from MKE certified guides

    Our guides will help you uncover what you truly want in to experience in your life.  Embark on your own Hero’s Journey and learn how to create a new blueprint so you empower yourself to achieve your goals and dreams with the least effort. We’ll show you how!

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    Build better personal relations to accelerate business success

    Get the tools and learn how to use the skills you need to unlock your hidden powerEnjoy more happiness, more harmony and feel more fulfilled in all aspects of your life… the life you were always meant to live… the one that’s waiting for you now.  

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    Mastermind with like-minded people within a safe community

    Learn how to leverage the incredible power of a mastermind alliance so you can develop a plan of action with people who offer encouragement and care about your success. The secret ingredient is you!  What are you waiting for?  Get started now…

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    Meet the Creatorsof the Master Key Experience

    Mark & Davene believe the only way to keep something is to give it away. That which we share will multiply and that which we hold will diminish. Their success is the direct result of others freely giving to them and the more they give it away, the more it returns. This elegant concept is built into their Master Key Experience course helps shape the culture of the entire members’ community…

    We invite you to engage with our community and discover for yourself why our members rave about their transformations during the MKE course.